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General Knowledge MCQ - Set 11

Who won the Grand Slam title four times successively?
Wimbledon is a place connected with
Which of the following places is known as 'Mecca of Indian Football'?
The term 'Chukker' is used in
The Reggio Emilia Tournament in which an Indian Won early in 1992 is related to
Levoy Burrell is associated with which sports?
Who won the maximum number of gold medals in Hiroshima Asian Games?
Bahadur Singh is famous in which of the following?
Kamlesh Mehta was associated with which games/sports?
First Olympic Games were held in
Anita Sood is associated with which of the following games/sports?
Which Indian batsman made three consecutive centuries in his first three Test matches?
Which of the following is correctly matched?
Geet Sethi has made a mark in
The Rovers Cup is associated with
Grand Slam in Tennis means a player has to win
Misha Grewal is associated with which games/sports?
The winter Olympics came into being in
Chris Evert's name is associated with which sports?
Ali Sher, an Arjuna Award winner, is associated with
Which of the following games originated from England?
Jaspal Rana is in which of the following games?
Which Indian Criketer was given the title 'Tiger'?
The Golf player Vijay Singh represents
The 'Agha Khan Cup' is associated with which game?
Shiny Wilson is associated with which of the following games/sports?
Prakash Padukone is associated with which games?
Vishal Uppal and Harsh Mankad won the Doubles of the ITF Men's Futures Tournament in
Who among the following was adjudged the Best Athlete of 14th Asian games held in Busan, South Korea?
Major R.S. Brar is associated with
Crame Trophy Tennis final held in May 2003 was played between
Which of the following games is not included in the Olympic Games?
'Queens berry Rules' is the name given to the rules in
'Ashes' is the term associates with which sports?
The term 'Butterfly Stroke' is associated with
Which of the following was the mascot of the Barcelona Olympic Games?
The term 'Tee' is connected with
The name of the Mascot for 1996 Olympics held at Atlanta was
S. Vijayalakshmi and Nisha Mohita are associated with
The Olympic museum was opened at which of the following places?
Who among the Indian to win the Athletics Gold in 1998 Asian Games?
Susi Susanti, held the Grand Slam title in which of the following games
The first Indian University was opened in 1857 was in
The largest dry rock in India is situated at
The largest Indian State by area is
Which is the oldest monuments?
Ms. Harita Kaur has the distinction of being the first Indian Women
The largest and the oldest museum of India is located in the state/union territory of
The first Indian Satellite launched from Soviet Cosmodrome is?
The first nuclear reactor in India is
The first person of Indian origin to be appointed as a judge in U.S. is
Largest Mint in India is located at
India's first 'Ladies Special' Suburban train was started by which of the Indian Railway Zone?
The first electric train of India 'Deccan Queen' was run between
Who was the first Indian to go into space?
The first 'Financial Service Park' for industry being set up at
'Apsara' is the name of India's first
Radiocarbon is produced in the atmosphere as a result of
It is easier to roll a stone up a sloping road than to lift it vertical upwards because
The absorption of ink by blotting paper involves
Siphon will fail to work if
Large transformers, when used for some time, become very hot and are cooled by circulating oil. The heating of the transformer is due to
Nuclear sizes are expressed in a unit named
Light year is a unit of
Mirage is due to
Light from the Sun reaches us in nearly
Stars appears to move from east to west because
Pa(Pascal) is the unit for
Planets do not twinkle because
Metals are good conductors of electricity because
Let a thin capillary tube be replaced with another tube of insufficient length then, we find water
Out of the following pairs, choose the pair in which the physical quantities do not have identical dimension?
If two bodies of different masses, initially at rest, are acted upon by the same force for the same time, then the both bodies acquire the same
Pick out the scalar quantity
Rectifiers are used to convert
out of the following, which is not emitted by radioactive substance?
Sound waves in air are
Magnetism at the centre of a bar magnet is
It is more difficult to walk on a sandy road than on a concrete road because
Find the maximum velocity for the overturn of a car moving on a circular track of radius 100 m. The co-efficient of friction between the road and tyre is 0.2
Of the following properties of a wave, the one that is independent of the other is its

General Knowledge MCQ - Set 12

What Benjamin Franklin invented?
This part-time race car driver invented the bucket seat in 1969. Who was he??
What plaything was invented by Joe McVicker in 1956?
Who was the first American female to patent her invention, a method of weaving straw with silk?
Who invented Gramophone?
Who invented Internal Combustion Engine?
When was Monopoly created?
What furniture item was invented by California furniture designer Charles Prior Hall in 1968?
The Manhattan Project was started by President Roosevelt in 1942 to ensure that the U.S. beat the Germans in developing a nuclear bomb. Whom did Roosevelt appoint as scientific head the Manhattan Project?
When was the first lawn mower invented?
In which decade were the first successful diode and triode vacuum tubes invented?
Who is the English physicist responsible for the 'Big Bang Theory'?
What 'game' was first produced by the Southern Novelty Company in Baltimore, Maryland in 1892?
Who had an explosive idea and first patented DYNAMITE?
Who invented the Spinning Jenny?
Which insurance salesman invented the fountain pen in 1884?
When was the first elevator built?
What charge card, developed in 1950, was the first to be accepted nationally in the US?
What Enrico Fermi invented?
Which of the following was first patented by an Australian in 1889?
Who among the following invented the small pox vaccine?
What George Westinghouse invented?
Who is the only U.S. President to invent and patent something?
What invention is credited to the Russian born American inventor Vladimir Kosma Zworykin?
Benjamin Franklin was a prolific inventor. He invented the lightning rod, the Franklin stove, studied electricity, discovered the Gulf Stream, started the first library, and on and on. Among his many other inventions, what musical instrument did he invent?
What Thomas Davenport invented?
What Elisha Otis invented?
Where was the yo-yo invented?
For what does the world owe Almon Strowger a debt of gratitude?
Who is often called the 'first African-American' inventor?
The first hand glider was designed by...?
In which decade was the telegraph invented?
What inspired reflecting road lights to be invented?
When were blue jeans invented?
Who invented Electric Generator?
What device for new parents did Ann Moore invent in 1969?
In which decade was the transistor invented?
What Igor Sikorsky invented?
What Henry Bessemer invented?
What invention was first installed at a Hartford, Connecticut bank in 1889?
Ralph Samuelson was only 18 when he invented this sporting item in 1922. What was that?
Who invented Bifocal Lens?
What Karl Benz invented?
When were bar code scanners invented?
When was the game Frisbee invented?
This English inventor is known as the 'Father of Computing.'
Who invented Airship (rigid)?
What piece of clothing was invented by French fashion designer Louis Reard in 1946?
In which year was MIDI introduced?
In which decade was the SPICE simulator introduced?
Who invented the first controllable flying AEROPLANE (AIRPLANE)?
What groovy item was invented by Englishman Edward Craven Walker in 1963?
In which decade was the Internet first implemented?
What did cardiologist Dr. Paul Zoll invent in Massachusetts in 1952?
What Elmer A. Sperry invented?
For over 500 years, paper was only available and sold as single sheets. In 1902, an inventive Australian used half size sheets of paper, a bit of glue and cardboard to create the what?
Who developed the idea of Crop Rotation?
CORN FLAKES - Who made them first?
William Frederick is credited with the invention of the modern frisbee in the mid 1950's. In 1957 the Wham-O Company bought his idea and the rest is history. They named the toy after William Frisbie who was a ________?
Who came up with the idea for INSTANT MASHED POTATO?
Who invented Dynamite?
What toy did George Lerner create for Hasbro company in 1952?
For whom high heeled shoes were invented?
What African-American inventor received 5 patents in the field of shoemaking?
It travels over land and water. Who invented the HOVERCRAFT?
when was the AEEE (now the IEEE) founded?
What type of system did Paul Nipkow, John Baird, and Charles Jenkins all invent?
What Sir Isaac Newton invented?
Who invented Bicycle?
In which decade with the first transatlantic radio broadcast occur?
In the 1700s, who would pay the postage fee for letters before the stamp was invented?
Who synthesized the first wholly artificial gene?
FROZEN FOOD - Who discovered the first practical method of freezing food?
When was the Raggedy Ann doll patented?
What Frank Whittle invented?
When was the first Lionel trains manufactured?
What item, originally called the 'Whirlwind', was invented by Ives McGaffey in 1869?
What office item was invented by Bette Nesmith Graham in 1951?
What George Pullman invented?
Who invented Bakelite?
What toy was invented by Joshua Lionel Cowen around 1900?
This African-American woman physical therapist worked with soldiers disabled in World War II. She invented a device that helped the disabled to eat by delivering food through a tube to a mouthpiece.
What invention by Garnet Carter made its debut at the Fairyland Inn Resort in Lookout Mountain, Tennessee, in 1927?
Who invented the phonograph?
What beverage was invented by Charles Alderton in 1885 in Waco, Texas?
Who invented fuel cells in 1839?
The ELECTRIC BATTERY, who's charged with inventing this one?
In which decade was the ARRL founded?
Who invented the Seed Drill?
What drink was invented by Charles Leiper Grigg in 1929?
For what is Charles Babbage (1792-1871) remembered?
Who invented Automobiles using gasoline?
Who invented the battery?
Where were wigs first invented?
Who was the first person to patent the JET ENGINE?
The initials JCB on earth-moving equipment are those of the founder of the company that makes it. What is his name?
What treat was invented by 11-year-old Frank Epperson in 1905?
When was Milk Tray first introduced?
When was the toothbrush invented?
What item of apparel was invented by Ellery Chun, a Hawaiian clothing merchant, in 1931?
Who invented Fountain Pen?
Former Australian captain Mark Taylor has had several nicknames over his playing career. Which of the following was NOT one of them?
Which was the 1st non Test playing country to beat India in an international match?
Track and field star Carl Lewis won how many gold medals at the 1984 Olympic games?
Which county did Ravi Shastri play for?
Who was the first Indian to win the World Amateur Billiards title?
Who is the first Indian woman to win an Asian Games gold in 400m run?
Which two counties did Kapil Dev play?
When was Amateur Athletics Federation of India established?
Who did Stone Cold Steve Austin wrestle at the 1998 edition of "Over the Edge"?
Ricky Ponting is also known as what?
How long are professional Golf Tour players allotted per shot?
Which NBA player scored 8 points in the final 7 seconds of a game to lead his team to victory?
In the match between India and Pakistan at Jaipur on 02-10-1983, Which new rule was introduced?
The first hang gliders to be flown were flown in...?
Which two counties did Anil Kumble play for?
The nickname of Glenn McGrath is what?
Mark Waugh is commonly called what?
India won its first Olympic hockey gold in...?
How many times did Geet Sethi win the lBSF World Billiards title?
In which year did Milkha Singh win the first National title in the 400 m race?
Who won the 1993 "King of the Ring"?
What NHL goaltender has the most career wins?
What Major League Baseball player holds the record for all-time career high batting average?
Who among the following is NOT associated with billiards in India?
Which player has scored the most runs in a single Test innings?
Who was the 1st ODI captain for India?
Where did India play its 1st one day international match?
India reached the final of the Davis Cup for the first time in...?
The Asian Games were held in Delhi for the first time in...?
What Australian player was known as 'Fruitfly' amongst the rest of the team?
Which county did Mohammad Azharuddin play for?
Which county did Sunil Gavaskar play for?
The 'Dronacharya Award' is given to...?
In which Indian state did the game of Polo originate?
What do African-American football players Ernie Davis, Archie Griffin, and Tony Dorsett have in common?
Which cricketer died on the field in Bangladesh while playing for Abahani Club?
Which of the following is a Manipuri version of Hockey?
Which county did Javagal Srinath sign for in 2003?
Which county did Sachin Tendulkar play for?
Who did Shawn Michaels beat to win his first Intercontinental Title?
Where did the 1st ODI match was played in India?
Who had a torrid time with Lancashire in 2000?
What is the name of the person that controls a football match?
Former Australian captain Allan Border was sometimes known as "Captain Grumpy". What was his other nickname?
The Indian football team made its first appearance at Olympics in...?
Who was the first captain of Indian Test team?
Fenway Park is the home field of what Major League Baseball team?
Pravin Amre and Vinod Kambli played for which province in South Africa?
Which football hero was nicknamed "The Sundance Kid"?
Which country won the Cricket World Cup in 1999?
Who did The Rock beat to win his first WWE Title?
The name Kunjarani Devi is associated with...?
In what year was the first international cricket match held?
How many gold medals have been won by India in the Olympics so far?
Who did The Rock wrestle in the main event at the 1999 edition of "Wrestlemania"?
Which English county did batting sensation Virender Sehwag join in the 2003 season?

General Knowledge MCQ - Set 10

The northern boundary of the peninsular plateau of Indian runs parallel to the Ganga and the Yamuna from Rajmahal hills to a point near
Which of the following food grain crops occupies the largest part of the cropped area in India?
The number of major languages, recognized in the Indian Union as official language, are
The oldest rocks in India are reported from
Which of the following groups of rivers originate from the Himachal mountains?
Which of the following groups of states has the largest deposits of iron ore?
Which of the following union territories of India has the highest density of population per sq km?
which atomic power station in India is built completely indigenously?
The south-west monsoon contributes ____ of the total rain in India.
The Shimla Convention is an agreement that sets
Which of the following events took place in the Cenozoic era?
The oldest oil field in India is the ____ field, in ____
Unlike other parts of the Indian Coast, fishing industry has not developed along the Saurashtra coast because
The mountain building in Himalayas began
The outer Himalayas lie between
Which of the following geographical features have played a great unifying role in strengthening the forces of homogeneity of the Indian people?The expanses of water surrounding the peninsulaThe Himalayan MountainsThe vastness of the countryThe presence of the Indian ocean
Which of the following drainage systems fall into Bay of Bengal?
The oldest oil refinery in India is at
The oldest mountains in India are
Which of the following groups of rivers have their source of origin in Tibet?
Which of the following measures are effective for soil conservation in India? Avoiding crop rotation Afforestation Encouraging the use of chemical fertilizers Limiting shifting cultivation
Which of the following crops needs maximum water per hectare?
The watershed between India and Myanmar is formed by
The originating in the Himalayan mountain complex consists of how many distinct drainage systems of the Indian Subcontinent?
The percentage of India's total population employed in agriculture is nearly
Which of the following important rivers of India does not originate from the Western Ghats?
Which of the following areas or regions is most prone to earthquakes?
The proportion of forest to the total national geographical area of India as envisaged by National Forest Policy is
Which of the following dams has generations of power more than irrigation as its main purpose?
Which of the following crops is regarded as a plantation crop?
Which of the following countries leads in the production of aluminium and its products in the world?
The natural region which holds the Indian subcontinent is
The most ideal region for the cultivation of cotton in India is
Which of the following are true with respect to the Indian Peninsular Plateau?The southern plateau block is formed mainly of granite and gneissThe Deccan lava plateau is an elevated tableland consisting of horizontally arranged lava sheetsThe Malwa plateau dominates the Vindhyam scraps, forming the northern flank of the plateauThe trough of the Narmada and Tapti are interposed between the Vindhyan and the Satpura ranges
Which of the following types of soil are mostly confined to river basins and coastal plains of India?
The two states of India, most richly endowed with iron ore, are
The most fertile region of India is
Which of the following groups accounts for over 90 per cent of India's annual coal production?
The significant shifts in Indian agriculture during green revolution include
The number of major ports in India is
Which of the following is a peninsular river of India?
Which of the following is the most important raw material for generation of power in India?
When it is noon IST at Allahabad in India, the time at Greenwich, London, will be
Which country has the largest coast line?
The river Godavari is often referred to as Vridha Ganga because
The scarcity or crop failure of which of the following can cause a serious edible oil crisis in India?
The pennines (Europe), Appalachians (America) and the Aravallis (India) are examples of
Which of the following factors are responsible for present crisis in the jute industry in India?The decline in overseas marketInadequately supply of raw juteStiff competition from synthetic packing materials Select the correct answer from the codes given below
Which of the following factors are responsible for India's failure to fully exploit the inland fisheries during the last five decades?Silting and pollution of the inland water bodiesDeforestation in the catchment areas of the riversLack of marketing facilities Select the correct answer from the codes given below
The Battle of Plassey was fought in
The territory of Porus who offered strong resistance to Alexander was situated between the rivers of
Under Akbar, the Mir Bakshi was required to look after
Tripitakas are sacred books of
The trident-shaped symbol of Buddhism does not represent
The theory of economic drain of India during British imperialism was propounded by
The treaty of Srirangapatna was signed between Tipu Sultan and
The system of competitive examination for civil service was accepted in principle in the year
Through which one of the following, the king exercised his control over villages in the Vijayanagar Empire?
The Vijayanagara ruler, Kirshnadev Raya's work Amuktamalyada, was in
Under an agreement with which of the following countries did Subhas Chandra Bose organize the Indian soldiers, taken as prisoners by the Axis Powers, into the Azad Hind Fauj?
We hear of two envoys being sent to the Roman kings, one in 27-28 AD to the court of Augustus and the other in 110-20 AD to the court of
The use of Kharoshti in ancient Indian architecture is the result of India's contact with
Vaikhanasa the five-fold conception of Vishnu consists of 1. brahman 2. purusha 3. prakriti 4. satya 5. achyuta 6. aniruddha
The troops raised by the emperor but not paid directly the state and place under the charge of mansabadars were know as
The treaty of Mangalore was signed between
To conquer and annex Peshawar and Punjab, Mahmud of Ghazni defeated
To which professions earlier leaders who struggled for freedom of India mainly belonged?
The victories of Karikala are well portrayed in
Todar Mal was associated with
The title of 'Viceroy' was added to the office of the Governor-General of India for the first time in
To which of the following dynasties did King Bhoja, a great patron of literature and art, belong?
Vikramaditya, a king of Ujjain, started the Vikrama samvat in 58 BC in commemoration of his victory over
Two of the great Mughals wrote their own memories. There were
To which king belongs the Lion capital at Sarnath?
The use of spinning wheel (Charkha) became common during the
The language of discourses of Gautama Buddha was
There were widespread risings against the British in the 1820s. Which one of the following did not revolt in the 1820s?
Velu Thampi led a revolt against the British in state of
Under the Mountbatten Plan of 1947 the people of ___ were given the right to decide through a plebiscite whether they wished to join Pakistan or India.
Three major powers that emerged in southern India in the 7th century AD were CherasCholasChalukyasPallavasPandyas
The term 'Yavanapriya' mentioned in ancient Sanskrit texts denoted
The Timariots Governors and the Revenue Contractors, on their part reason in this manner: "Why should the neglected state of this land create uneasiness in our minds and why should we expend our money and time to render it fruitful? We may be deprived of it in a single moment, and our exertions would benefit neither ourselves nor our children." This statement was made by
The ultimate ownership of land during the post-Gupta period lay with
To which of the republic of Buddha belong?
There was a sharp class division at Harappa and Mohen-jodaro. This is clear from the
The title given by the British Government to Mahatma Gandhi which he surrendered during the non-cooperation movement was
Tipu sultan was the ruler of
The term yavanika meant
The term Khalisa in Mughal administration signified the
Visakhadatta sketches the event after the death of Samudragupta in his work
The system of Dual Government during the latter half of the 18th century AD is associated with the name of
'The Vedas contain all the truth was interpreted by
The term samanta, meaning a feudatory from the sixth century AD, originally meant a
To evolve a peaceful settlement of the conflict between India and China, which of the following non-aligned Afro-Asian nations participated in a conference held in December 1962?
The text of the document called Mahzar, by which Akbar assumed the role of supreme arbiter in the matters of religion is found in
Tulsidas, the author of Ramcharitmanas, was a contemporary of which of the following rulers?
To meet the educational needs of the people, the Madarasa-I Nasiri was built in the region of
The weekly Commonweal was founded by
Ustad Mansur was a famous painter in the region of
The Vedic deity Indra was the Goddess of
Tolkappiyam is associated with the
Pulakesin II was the most famous ruler of
The term Brahmadeya occurs for the first time in
Under whose leadership was the all India Muslim League set up?
Though Ashoka had many sons, the inscriptions mentioned only one who is not mentioned in any other source. He is
We can know about early vedic period from
The Upanishads are
Universities in the Presidency towns in India were established in
The Vijayanagara king who employed skilled archers of the Turkish clan and raised the fighting capacity of his bowmen was
Under the Guptas in eastern India, there was probably an intermediate level of administration between vishayas (districts) and villages. Identify it.
The two principles monuments of Alaud-din Khilji's reign - the Jama at Kana Masjid and Alai Darwaza - were constructed at
The term Nirgrantha is associated with
The Kalinga was fought in
Under the Government of India, Provincial Legislatures consisted of two chambers, except in the case of
The Venetian traveler who travelled with his wife and reached Vijayanagar around 1420 was
The year 788 AD was a good one for Hinduism. Why?
The Uprising of 1857 was described as the first Indian war of Independence by
The twenty-third Jaina teacher, Parsva, the immediate predecessor of Mahavira enjoined on his disciples four great vows. To these Mahavira addes which of the followings as the fifth vow?
The Turko-Afghan rule in India lasted for about
The Parliament of India cannot be regarded as a sovereign body because
The name of the Laccadive, Minicoy and Amindivi islands was changed to Lakshadweep by an Act of Parliament in
The members of the Rajya Sabha are elected by
The members of the panchayat are
The power to decide an election petition is vested in the
The present Lok Sabha is the
The Parliament of India can make use of the residuary powers
The members of Lok Sabha hold office for a term of
The Parliament exercises control over council of ministers, the real executive, in several ways. Which one of the following has been wrongly listed as a method of control over executive?
The number of writs that can be prayed for and issued by the Supreme Court and/or a High Court is
The minimum age to qualify for election to the Lok Sabha is
The pension of a high court judge is charged to the
The preamble says that the state in India will assure the dignity of the individual. The constitution seeks to achieve this object by guaranteeing
The minimum age of the voter in India is
The members of a State Commission can be removed by the
The members of the Rajya Sabha are
The president addresses both the Houses of Parliament assembled together
The president can dissolve the Lok Sabha on
The president can expend out of the Contingency Fund of India
The pre-requisite for the enforcement of directive principles of the state policy is
The Objectives Resolution which laid down the main objectives to guide the deliberations of the Assembly was moved by
The president can advance money to meet unforeseen expenses, pending authorization by Parliament, from
The position of a chief minister is
The members of the Rajya Sabha are elected for a term
The office of the president can fall vacant due to
The president can dismiss a member of the council of ministers
The president demand for further reforms, attended with the dislocation caused by the non-cooperation movement, led the British government to appoint a Statutory Commission in 1927. This commission was headed by
The office of the prime minister of India
The powers to legislate with respect to any matter not enumerated in any of the three lists are mentioned as residuary powers. Which of the following is empowered to determine finally as to whether or not a particular matter falls in this category
The members of the parliamentary committee
The name of a candidate for the office of president of India may be proposed by
The Parliament can restrict or abrogate by law, fundamental rights with respect to
Preamble enshrines the ideals of liberty, equality and fraternity - ideals inspired by the
The minimum number of members that must be present to hold the meeting of the Lok Sabha is
The Parliament enjoys legislative power over subjects in
The power to prorogue the Lok Sabha rests with
The phrase 'bicameral legislature' means
The position of the president which was undermined by the 42nd amendment was sub-sequently somewhat retrieved by the
The oath of office is administered to the members of state council of ministers by
The power of Supreme Court of India to decide the dispute between the centre and states falls under its
The members of Lok Sabha are
The parliament can legislate on a subject in the state list
The oath of office is administered to the Governor by the
The members of Parliament can express themselves in the House in
The nature of the anti-Imperialist struggle was
The position of the prime minister of India is superior to that of his counter-part in Britain because
The members of the committees of Parliament are
The parliament can legislate on the subject in the state list
The national flag was adopted by the Constituent Assembly of India on 22 July 1947 and was presented to the nation at the midnight session of the Assembly on 14th August 1947 on behalf of
The president convenes and prorogues all sessions of Parliament in consultation with
The preamble to our constitution provided that India is
The minimum age required to become a member of Rajya Sabha is
The president can be impeached for
The name of the union given in the Constitution is
The phrase 'procedure established by the law' means
The national anthem was written by
The member of a State Public Service Commission can be removed on the ground of misbehavior only after an enquiry has been conducted by the
The members of the standing committee are taken from the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha in the ratio of
The preamble enshrines certain ideals that were first spelt out in
The Nagaland State of India cannot be termed as a state because it lacks
The Objectives Resolution was unanimously adopted by the Constituent Assembly on
The preamble declares India as a sovereign state which implies
The parliament works through committees which
The Muslim League as a political party was founded in
The members of the state legislature exercise control over the council of the ministers through
The preamble to our constitution includes all the following except
Mainstream Nationalism in India
The minimum age required to become the prime minister of India is
The objective of the Morley-Minto Reforms was
The oath of office is conducted to the president by
The members of the state legislative assemblies are elected for a period of
The president can be removed from his office before the expiry of his normal term only on the recommendation of
The new committee system constitutes an improvement over the earlier committee system in so far as
The members of the State Public Service Commission are appointed by the
The president can assign any of the functions of the union government to the state government
Who invented the BALLPOINT PEN?
In which decade was the first solid state integrated circuit demonstrated?
What J. B. Dunlop invented?
Which scientist discovered the radioactive element radium?
When was barb wire patented?
What is the name of the CalTech seismologist who invented the scale used to measure the magnitude of earthquakes?
What Galileo invented?
This statesman, politican, scholar, inventor, and one of early presidents of USA invented the swivel chair, the spherical sundial, the moldboard plow, and the cipher wheel.
What James Watt invented?
Where is the village of Branston, after which the famous pickle is named?
Who invented Jet Engine?
What invention caused many deaths while testing it?
Who invented Gunpowder?
Until Victorian times, chocolate was thought of as a drink. When did the first chocolate bar appear?
In which decade was the telephone invented?
What now-ubiquitous device was invented by Zenith engineer Eugene Polley in 1955?

General Knowledge MCQ - Set 9

Number of chromosomes in Down's syndrome is
Plants are killed in winter by frost
One of the following is most suitable for study of mutations
Pulses are a good source of
Oxygen in our blood is transported by a protein named
Nymph is the name of young one of
One day you wake with a sore throat and a runny nose. Your doctor takes a swab from your throat, sends it to a lab, and telephones you the next day to say that antibiotic will not help you get better. Which of the following is the most likely reason for the doctor's statement?
Plants that grow under average temperature and moisture are called
Oxyreductases, transferases, hydrolases, lyases, isomerases and ligases are all classes of
Mutation is
Pollination by wind is called
Pollen grains in plants are produced in
Nitrogen is fixed in ecosystems in ways stated below. Which one of the statements below is false?
Ptyalin is an enzyme produced in the
Mycobacterium leprae causes leprosy, Corynebacterium diphtheria causes diphtheria and Vibrio comma causes
The nucleus of an atom consists of
The number of moles of solute present in 1 kg of a solvent is called its
The most electronegative element among the following is
The metal used to recover copper from a solution of copper sulphate is
The number of d-electrons in Fe2+ (Z = 26) is not equal to that of
The metallurgical process in which a metal is obtained in a fused state is called
The molecules of which gas have highest speed?
The oldest rocks in the earth's crust were once molten, and came from deep inside the earth. The molten rock, called magma, spewed out in volcanic eruptions during the earth;s early life and solidified into hard rock's called
The law which states that the amount of gas dissolved in a liquid is proportional to its partial pressure is
The main buffer system of the human blood is
The gas present in the stratosphere which filters out some of the sun's ultraviolet light and provides an effective shield against radiation damage to living things is
The most commonly used bleaching agent is
The nucleus of a hydrogen atom consists of
The heat required to raise the temperature of body by 1 K is called
The nuclear particles which are assumed to hold the nucleons together are
The mass of P4O10 that will be obtained from the reaction of 1.33 gram of P4 and 5.07 of oxygen is
The octane number of zero is assigned to
The metal that is used as a catalyst in the hydrogenation of oils is
The most abundant rare gas in the atmosphere is
The Latin word formica means ant. The name formic acid is derived from this Latin word because
The ore which is found in abundance in India is
The inherited traits of an organism are controlled by
The heat energy produced when the human body metabolises 1 gram of fat is
What are the number of moles of CO2 which contains 16 g of oxygen?
The main use of salt in the diet is to
The monomer of polythene is
The luster of a metal is due to
The number of water molecules present in a drop of water (volume 0.0018 ml) at room temperature is
The most malleable metal is
The oil used in the froth floatation process is
The number of waves in n x 10th Bohr's orbit are
The mass of one Avogadro number of helium atom is
The items amenable to detection by soft x-rays are
The material which can be deformed permanently by heat and pressure is called a
The mass number of a nucleus is
The inexpensive and commonly used variety of glass is called soda glass. It is called so because
The gas used in the manufacture of vanaspati from vegetable oil is
The ionic radii of N3-, O2-, F- and Na+ follows the order
The graphite rods in the nuclear reactor
The first metal used by man was
The hydronium ion is
The most electropositive elements among the following is
The method that cannot be used for removing permanent hardness of water is
The following are the half lives of four active isotopes. Which one of the following is the most dangerous to handle?
The gas used for artificial ripening of green fruit is
Zone refining is used for the purification of
The main chemical constituent of the oil of cardamom which is responsible for flavour of this oil is
The molecule which has the highest percentage of ionic character among the following is
The high reactivity of fluorine is due to
The iron ore magnetite consists of
The ionisation energy of hydrogen atom in the ground state is x KJ. The energy required for an electron to jump from 2nd orbit to 3rd orbit is
The major constituent of air is
The main chemical constituent of clay is
The mineral containing both magnesium and calcium is
The metal does not give H2 on treatment with dilute HCL is
The number of g-molecule of oxygen in 6.02 x 1024CO molecules is
The most extensive, commercially useful source of thorium as monazite sand occurs in India at
The main active constituent of tea and coffee is
The maximum number of isomers for an alkene with molecular formula C4H8 is
The hardest form of carbon is
The most important ore of aluminium is
The organic reaction represented by equation CH3 - CH = O + H2NOH gives CH3 - CH - NH + H2O is an example of
The number of electrons presents in H+ is
The hottest part of the gas flame is known as
The human body is made up of several chemical elements; the element present in the highest proportion (65%) in the body is
The isomerism which exists between CH3CHCI2 and CH2CI. CH2CI is
The half life period of an isotope is 2 hours. After 6 hours what fraction of the initial quantity of the isotope will be left behind?
The number of waves made by an electron moving in an orbit having maximum magnetic quantum number is +3
The number of atoms present in 21.6 gram of silver (atomic weight = 108) are same as the molecules in
The National Chemical Laboratory is situated in
Equal masses of oxygen, hydrogen and methane are kept under identical conditions. The ratio of the volumes of gases will be
The mass number of an atom is equal to
The maximum number of covalent formed by nitrogen is
The formula C6H5-CO-CH3 represents
The metal that is usually extracted from sea water is
The method of concentrating the ore which makes use of the difference in density between ore and impurities is called
The inert gases are ____ in water
The molecular formula of phosphorous is
The names of the scientists, Newlands, Mendeleev, and Meyer are associated with the development of
B. C. Roy Award is given in the field of
In which year was Pulitzer Prize established?
Gandhi Peace Prize for the year 2000 was awarded to the former President of South Africa along with
Who has been awarded the first lifetime Achievement Award for his/her contribution in the field of Cinema?
The prestigious Ramon Magsaysay Award was conferred was conferred upon Ms. Kiran Bedi for her excellent contribution to which of the following fields?
Which of the following societies has instituted an award for an outstanding parliamentarian?
Which is the highest gallantry award in India?
Which state gives Mewar Award?
Who is the first Asian Winner of Nobel Prize?
The first Indian to receive Noble Prize in Literature was
The first recipient of Rajiv Gandhi's 'Khel Ratna' award is
Pulitzer prize is awarded for outstanding work in the field of
Saraswathi Samman is given annually for outstanding contribution to
Who among the following has received a Nobel Prize in literature 1953?
The Arjuna Awards were instituted in the year
The first Indira Gandhi Award for International Justice and Harmony has been given to
'Ashoka Chakra' is awarded for
Who among the following is the recipient of the first Dayawati Modi Award for art, culture and education?
The Nobel Prize was first awarded in
Who among the following own the Nobel prize for literature?
The 'Cannes Award' is given for excellence in which field?
The journalist who refused to accept 'Padma Bhushan' was?
The Nobel peace prize is awarded in which city?
Arjuna Award is given for
Who among the following is not a recipient of the Bharatiya Jnanpith Award?
The UNSECO's 'Prix Jules Verne' prize has been given to which of the following serials of Doordarshan?
Who among the following is not a recipient of 'Dada Saheb Phalke' Award?
Which state Government of India has instituted the Samman Award?
Sharad Joshi Samman is awarded for
In 1901, Nobel Prize was not given for
The highest civilian award of India 'Bharat Ratna' has been awarded to only two foreigners so far. One of them is Nelson Mandela. The other is
The first recipient of Nehru Award was
Shanthi Swaroop Bhatnagar awards are given for
The Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award is given by which of the following organisations?
Which of the following awards was conferred upon Smt. Aruna Asaf Ali for her role in the welfare of adult and women?
On whose name is the highest award for services to the development of cinema given?
Which of the following famous financial journals of international repute confers 'Finance minister of the year' Award?
Tansen Samman has been instituted by the Government of?
On whom did the U. S. President George W. Bush bestow, in 2002, the U.S.'s highest award for life time achievement in the field of scientific research?
The only Indian to win the Nobel prize in physics is
Who among the following is a winner of the Indira Gandhi Award for National integration?
The first black American to win the Nobel Prize for literature is
Who among the following got the 'Bharat Ratna' award, before becoming the President of India?
Manav Seva Award has been instituted in the memory of
Kalinga Award was instituted by
Which of the following films has won 9 Oscar Awards in 1987?
Which of the following awards was conferred on Mrs. Kiran Bedi?
Who was awarded the first Rajiv Gandhi National Sadhavana Award?
'Global 500' awards are given for the outstanding achievement in which of the following fields?
To whom was 'Bharat Ratna' awarded in 1999?
The ratio of width of our National flag to its length is
Rabindranath Tagore's 'Jana Gana Mana' has been adopted as India's National Anthem. How many stanzas of the said song were adopted?
'Natya - Shastra' the main source of India's classical dances was written by
'Dandia' is a popular dance of
The words 'Satyameva Jayate' inscribed below the base plate of the emblem of India are taken from
Mohiniattam dance from developed originally in which state?
Which of the following folk dance forms is associated with Gujarat?
Which of the following Akademis is responsible for fostering the development of dance, drama and music in India?
The Rath Yatra at Puri is celebrated in honour of which Hindu deity
The book of Parsis is
'Kathakali' is a folk dance prevalent in which state?
Which of the following dances is a solo dance?
The National Anthem was first sung in the year
Thillana is a format of
'Madhubani', a style of folk paintings, is popular in which of the following states in India?
Kathak is a classical dance of
The head quarters of Sahitya Akademi is at
The dance encouraged and performance from the temple of Tanjore was
The last Mahakumbh of the 20th century was held at
The National Song of India was composed by
Who composed the famous song 'Sare Jahan SeAchha'?
In which of the following festivals are boat races a special feature?
Kalchakra ceremony is associated with which of the following ceremonies?
Which of the following places is famous for Chikankari work, which is a traditional art of embroidery?
The central banking functions in India are performed by the Central Bank of India Reserve Bank of India State Bank of India Punjab National Bank
Development expenditure of the Central government does not include
ICICI is the name of a
Gilt-edged market means
In the last one decade, which one among the following sectors has attracted the highest foreign direct investment inflows into India?
Devaluation of a currency means
In the second nationalization of commercial banks, ___ banks were nationalized.
Since independence, both development and non-development expenditures have increased; the increase in the former being a little more than in the other. Non-development expenditure involves interest payments subsidies defence irrigation
Depreciation means
Deficit financing leads to inflation in general, but it can be checked if
If all the banks in an economy are nationalized and converted into a monopoly bank, the total deposits
India changed over to the decimal system of coinage in
The association of the rupee with pound sterling as the intervention currency was broken in
On which one of the followings is the benefits received principle of taxation to achieve optimality bases?
One of the reasons for India's occupational structure remaining more or less the same over the years has been that
Gross domestic capital formation is defined as
On July 12, 1982, the ARDC was merged into
Which of the following is the most appropriate cause of exports surplus?
If the cash reserve ratio is lowered by the RBI, its impact on credit creation will be to
Which of the following items would not appear in a company's balance sheet?
The currency convertibility concept in its original form originated in
In the state of India, the State Financial Corporation have given assistance mainly to develop
The central co-operative banks are in direct touch with
The first wholly Indian Bank was set up in
States earn maximum revenue through
Our financial system has provided for the transfer of resources from the centre to the states; the important means of resource transfer are
Debenture holders of a company are its
Excise duty is a tax levied on the
In pursuance with the recommendations of Narsimhan Committee, the RBI has framed new guidelines
Which of the following is the first Indian private company to sign an accord with Government of Myanmar for oil exploration in two offshore blocks in that country?
Non Tax revenues can be increased by improving the working of the
Which of the following is not viewed as a national debt?
The condition of indirect taxes in the country's revenue is approximately
Deficit financing means that the government borrows money from the
Revenue of the state governments are raised from the following sources, except
Since the inception of the co-operative movement, rural credits has been
If an economy is equilibrium at the point where plans to save and to invest are equal, then government expenditure must be
The co-operative credit societies have a
Regional rural banks have limited area of operation have free access to liberal refinance facilities from NABARD are required to lend only to weaker sections
The Board of Industrial and Financial Reconstruction (BIFR) came into existence in
The current price index (base 1960) is nearly 330. This means that
Notes on which denomination has the portrait of Mahatma Gandhi printed on them?
Devaluation of currency will be more beneficial if
Of the gross tax revenue of the Union Government the indirect taxes account for nearly
The banks are required to maintain a certain ratio between their cash in the hand and totals assets. This is called
Reserve Bank of India was nationalized in the year
In India, rural incomes are generally lower than the urban incomes, which of the following reasons account for this? A large number of farmers are illiterate and know little about scientific agriculture Prices of primary products are lower than those of manufactured products Investment in agriculture has been low when compared to investment in industry
National Agricultural Insurance Scheme replacing Comprehensive Crop Insurance Scheme was introduced in the year
If the fiscal deficit of the Union Government is Rs. 75,000 crores relending to State is Rs. 25,000 crores, interest payments are Rs. 25,000 crores, what is the amount of the primary deficit?
Fiscal deficit in the Union Budget means
How many banks were nationalized in 1969?
In India, the first bank of limited liability manages by Indians and founded in 1881 was
In India, inflation measured by the
The annual yield from which of the following Union Government taxes is the highest?
The average rate of domestic savings (gross) for the Indian economy is currently estimated to be in the range of
Subsidies mean
National expenditure includes
Resurgent India Bonds were issued in US dollar, Pound Sterling and
The apex body for formulating plans and coordinating research work in agriculture and allied fields is
Which of the following is not an undertaking under the administrative control of Ministry of Railways?
If the RBI adopts an expansionist open market operations policy, this means that it will
Redistribution polices geared to reduce economic inequalities include
Short-term finance is usually for a period ranging up to
In India, which one among the following formulates the fiscal policy?
The budget deficit means
In utensils worth Rs 1000 are produced with copper worth Rs 500, wages paid are Rs 100, other material purchased is worth Rs 100 and depreciation of machinery is zero, then what is the value added in process?
Paper currency first started in India in
The ARDC is now a branch of the
Devaluation of currency leads to
Since 1983, the RBI's responsibility with respect to regional rural banks was transferred to
Deficit financing implies
In which of the following sequences the change in quantity of money leads to change in price level in the Keynesian models?
Foreign Direct Investment ceilings in the telecom sector have been raised from 74 percent to
Which of the following is not a part of machinery that settles industrial disputes?
The Paithan (Jayakwadi) Hydro-electric project, completed with the help of Japan, is on the river
The percentage of irrigated land in India is about
The southernmost point of peninsular India, that is, Kanyakumari, is
The pass located at the southern end of the Nilgiri Hills in south India is called
Which of the following factors are responsible for the rapid growth of sugar production in south India as compared to north India?Higher per acre field of sugarcaneHigher sucrose content of sugarcaneLower labour costLonger crushing period
The principal copper deposits of India lie in which of the following places?
Which of the following are true regarding Jhum cultivation in India?It is largely practiced in AssamIt is referred to as 'slash and burn' techniqueIn it, the fertility is exhausted in a few years
The Yarlung Zangbo river, in India, is known as
The Salal Project is on the river
The only zone in the country that produces gold is also rich in iron is
The percentage of earth surface covered by India is
Which among the following is/are the major factor/factors responsible for the monsoon type of climate in India?LocationThermal contrastUpper air circulationInter-tropical convergence zone
The present forest area of India, according to satellite data, is
The India's highest annual rainfall is reported at
The refineries are Mathura, Digboi and Panipat are set up by
What is the predominant type of Indian agriculture?
The Radcliffe line is a boundary between
Which of the following has a potential for harnessing of tidal energy in India?
The typical area of sal forest in the Indian peninsular upland occurs
The state having a largest area of forest cover in India is
The year ____ is called a Great Divide in the demographic history of India.
The only private sector refinery set up by Reliance Petroleum Ltd. is located at
The only state in India that produces saffron is
Three important rivers of the Indian subcontinent have their sources near the Mansarover Lake in the Great Himalayas. These rivers are
The zonal soil type of peninsular India belongs to
The most plausible explanation for the location of the Thar desert in western India is